Month: August 2018

From Victim to Vector: Understanding Cycles of Abuse

August 3, 2018 : Episode 174 Be Patient With Me, Homegrown Trickle Down Economics, When Blacks Do It…, Putin Isn’t a Soviet, Joystick¬†Atrocities, Lybia, Cosby’s Appeal, I Give A Fuck, Greed, Obama Vs Trump, Tariffs, Willie Wilson, Drug Selling, Child Abuse Markers, Institutional & Systematic Abuse, Cloistered Children…

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King James & Trickle Down Blackanomics

August 1, 2018 : Episode 173 A Shrine to Lebron Nike & Consumerism, Consulting Black Scholars, Good Deeds Vs. Tangible Outcomes, Cosby’s Contributions, Being Free Vs Being Cheap, Class Intrest Vs Racial Loyalties, I’m a Socialist, Human Cattle, A Great & Mighty Walk, Amassing Fiat, Commodifying Education, Taxing the Rich…

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Free To F#@K: Interracial Relationships & Reformed Racist

July 25, 2015 : Episode 172 : Part 2 McClure Twins, Interacial Dating Stats, Rednecks & Black Nationalist, Interacial Divorce, Pro-Black & Interacial, Evidence of History, Michael B. Jordan Vs. John Boega, Statistical Falshoods, Existential¬†Threats, Eugenist & Breeding Humans, Psychological Warfare & White Preference, Che Guevera’s Racism…

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