Month: April 2018

The Morality Trap: Goodness Under Oppression

April 6, 2018 : Episode 144 (Pt.1) Free Speech, Trump & Birtherism, King’s Script Vs. King’s Dream, White Gods, Marimba Ani, Ruby Bridges, Black Education, Obama’s Dignity, Non-Violence Vs. Self-Defense, Civil Rights & the Communist Threat, Malcolm X’s Evolution, Hitler’s Genealogy, Fairness, Morality, Rationality & Goodness…

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AfroSexism & Misogynoir: BLK Ego Defense Mechanisms

When the White/Arab Slave Masters Raped, Brutalized, and Mutilated BLK Women the BLK Man was left with one of two options….   1. Kill that Muthafucka!…(and face a brutal, agonizing death).   2. Deem that “bed wench” unworthy of your protection and support; (and live to work another day).   BLK men evolved over thousands…

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Dancing the Slaves: Black Religion & Black Submission

March 30, 2018 : Episode 143 Good Friday, Blacks & Alien Gods, Dancing the Slaves to Reduce Resistance, Purging the Oppressor, Western Hygiene, Catholicism & Propaganda, Pope Denies Hell,  The Virgin Mary’s Cover-Up, If God Called On Me, I Love Boosters, New Negro Self Exposure Protocol, Stephon Clark, Help!, Dr. Mingo on Black Struggle…

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