Month: February 2018

Revisiting the Code: Fuller on White Supremacy

February 07, 2018 : Episode 132 Supremacy, Black Wall Street, Jay Z & Harvey Weinstein, Mimicry & Honor, Privilege Vs. Pathology, Neely Fuller, Whites Ending White Supremacy, Emotional Scars, Atrocities as Entertainment, Manifest Destiny & Zionism, Wall St. & Slavery, Irish Enslavement, True Black Excellence, If You Can’t Beat Em….

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Oppression: Suffering & Comprehension

February 02, 2018 : Episode 131  Waka Flaka’s Regression, Vegan Cops, Blood Diamonds, Living Vicariously, Selling Death Culture, Black Billion Dollar Picture, Azealia Banks, Global Stage, Pressure of Being Black, Impact of Pop Culture, Oppression Pt.1, Functional Definitions, Cultural Orientation, The Universal Ideology…

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