Month: March 2016

what are your thoughts on Jason Black, “The Black Authority”

He’s an integrationist, last I remember; it’s been a while since I’ve interacted with him or reviewed his materials.  Cats like him tend to flip their shit often.  But last time I was asked about him I think I basically said he was a “Militant Integrationist.”  But that was an assessment from a few years ago….

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Do you agree we should teach our children to distrust White children, for fear they’re just white supremacists in training? I saw that in Pro Blackery

Here’s the problem many “conscious” Blacks have with raising our children under Systems and Institutions of White Domination: our actions don’t reflect our ideologies.So, we can’t tell Black children; “don’t trust White children,” or “the White man is the oppressor,” or “you come from Kings and Queens of African,” or “we need to unite as a people,” or “we need to…

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What are your thoughts and opinions on racist jokes, images and media in general, from a pan African perspective? A lot of people, mostly so called white people, but so called other races make this argument as well, and insist that being against such things is so called political correctness run a muck, and this infringes on so called freedom of expression. Thoughts?

I think Black people should combat Racist Jokes, Images, and Media; we should confront and destroy all attempts to demean our heritage, our form, our identity, and our culture; tirelessly and uncompromisingly. But, I think we should do so devoid of emotion; or at the very least, not emotions spawned by unmet expectations. What I…

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