Month: November 2015

Since you mentioned porn in one of your post, and said that it harms men, I’d like your thoughts on porn from a Pan African Perspective.

Note: scroll down to the highlighted sentence to get a direct answer. Good question. First, we need to understand that humanity has been creating “porn” since we first evolved the ability to create images and produce the written word; but the term or concept of pornography is a relatively new, as well as the term,…

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How do I tell a relative that works for the Obama administration that I am not interested in visiting the White House. How do I tell her that I’m proud of her for achieving her goals but that having a black man as president of these United States isn’t a sign of progress? And that Obama isn’t any different than Bush and those that came before him that serves the white elite interest?

It really depends on the nature of your relationship with this relative. All relatives ain’t family, and all family ain’t relatives. If this relative and you have a real and valued relationship then you can keep it real with them.  I have family who hold views much different them I, those who are PoPo, who…

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