Black Adaptation of White Ideologies & Praticies

Black Adaptation of White Ideologies & Praticies

You ever notice that Blacks who raise to certain positions under White Domination, or who embrace/internalize certain ideologies within White culture are often most ignorant of the true purposes and impacts of their chosen profession, or ideology?

Most Black Christians are not only ignorant of the origins and impacts of Christianity, they have all these illusions about how White Christians conduct themselves and approach the faith. They don’t understand that Christianity is a key component to the larger apparatus of Global White Domination, and it ain’t loving God and getting into heave for Whites.

Black Capitalist tend to only know what White Capitalist tell them about Capitalism, and nothing more. They don’t seek to look beyond the Capitalist Propaganda fed to them through their schools and the Capitalist media. They really believe that Capitalism is about being the smartest, hardest working, and the most responsible in order to succeed. They also ignore the many collapses and catastrophes that Capitalism has imposed on the world.

Black Patriotic Americans who are so proud of being born in American are also most ignorant of the history, the true history of the US. They wave the flag, sing the patriotic songs, and observe government holidays more aggressively and enthusiastically than the average White citizen, but you ask them about the structure of the government, how power and resources are distributed through policy construction, or how often the government has used its agencies and agents to subvert the political, social, and economic aspirations of the Black community, they just stare at you.

Black Professionals who buy into the whole Western concept of “professionalism,” are most often ignorant of full impact of their professions on the Black community, and of the fact that they are cogs in a oppressive, exploitative, corrupt, and anti-African institutions. Black cops will tell you that Black people wouldn’t killed and brutalized by cops if we didn’t do so much crime, ignoring that fact that Whites do more crime than us. Many Black doctors/nurses will not admit that the racism and bias imbedded within the medical system is killing thousands of Blacks every year, while crippling many more. Black educators will not acknowledge that when a Black youth exits school more ignorant than when they enter the schools, that the schools are fulfilling the job for which there were constructed to do in our community, they will blame and attack the students instead of the educational system.

This list goes on…
Black Fraternity and Sorority brothers and sisters…
Black Materialist and Hyper-Consumers…
Black Leftist and Color-Blindies…
Black Conservatives…
Black Democrats…
Black Republicans…
Black Muslims…
Black Jew/Hebrews…
Black Gangsters…
…all behave in this manor.

Whenever you find a Black person embracing and pushing some toxic aspect of the larger systems of White Domination, they are operating under some sever illusions and misconceptions about what they are pushing, mark my words.

What’s even more crazy is that a Black person who suffers from one Assimilationist delusion is very good at pointing out others who suffer from a different delusion.

Just look at how Black Christians can breakdown how absurd it is for a Black person to embrace Islam, they can tell you about the sexism, slavery, and violence embedded in the Muslim religion, but when you hold that same mirror up to them about Christianity, they shut down, and vice versa.

A Black (unconscious) physician can breakdown how corrupt police, lawyers, and judges railroad poor Blacks into prisons, but they will shut down when you begin to highlight the genocidal medical policies that greatly reduce the lifespan of Black community members.

The worst thing is that these illusions, misconceptions, and falsehoods that many suffer under cannot be corrected by simply providing accurate information, because they are not solely based in incorrect information, they are a part of a larger system of indoctrination that leads to Black Mentacide.

Mentacide in not just brainwashing, or misinforming, it is the destruction of the minds ability to function in one’s own personal and collective interest, the destruction of the capacity to even process information that is counter to one’s indoctrination.

I’m not downing Black Achievement, I’m just trying to shed some light on why we are collectively so stagnant.
-Why we are becoming more impoverished and own fewer businesses even though we have more Black MBAs and economist than ever.
-Why we have even less political power even though we got a Black president and a shit load of Black elected officials in all level of government. -Why we keep filling up the prisons even though we got more Black cops, lawyers, jury members, and judges than ever.
-Why we are becoming more corrupted and disunified even though we got more churches/temples/mosques in the hood than ever.
-Why we are being being crippled by chronic disease even though we got more Black health care providers than ever. Etc.

Until we begin to address Mentacide, it will not matter how many titles, degrees, or even how much money we accumulate, it will not help us.

We also cannot rest on the “knowledge being dropped” by our Black Revolutionary scholars on the web, in text, and via documentaries, we have to create a larger systems and institutions for media, formal education and counter-indoctrination to reverse the plague of Mentacide in our communities.

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